Linda gave Bosco a new helmet. He said as a businessmen he has to protect himself and survive and have to cross the line to make a deal. The thing that irks me about most TVB shows is the overuse of the same piece of music over and over again. By gm4queen Started November 1, This is my personal space of thoughts. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Sapura told Ronald that Ram Chiang and Paul are related to the kidnapping incident. Nevertheless, sad sad ending. Paul sends Eric to Malaysia. Paul told Bosco he will try to find the medical record to prove it. Don’t know, you guys ask him! He said if this gets out, the reporter would find him. Bosco told Savio that Paul set him up.

Linda was very pleased that the series rating increases by 1 point each week and may become the top rated series of But that was more depressing to me.

Linda prayed in the church for Bosco to catch the criminal. I watched the first two episodes This site does not store any files on its server. Bosco said he shot the speedboat which sunk it and lost insecurify evidence. Paul said 33 years ago, his brother and him wacth from hongkong to China and inswcurity bullied. Eric said Paul bribed the accountant to create a false account. I’m very happy with the results. My boyfriend works in an office. Paul told Bosco to take good care of Linda.


She later expressed she was not happy with her performance: Afraid that Wai Sam’s meddling may threaten his wealth and status should his skeletons come tumbling out of the closet Linda had nearly a fans at the mall supporting her; she performed the theme song and fed bread to fans.

Sapura called Paul to meet him tonight with Ram Chiang.

Paul seems to want to drive away the Indonesian man right away. Sapura told Paul to sign a document to transfer 20 billion dollars to another company. This content has been removed by a moderator. Paul sends some men to kill Bosco. The latter said the criminal Bosco “Bai Co” was shot to death, which means the one used in Witness Insecurityis a dead person’s photo!

Paul called Ram Chiang to leave to Taiwan. Reminded me of Raymond’s death as Alfred in Heart of Greed.

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Sapura said because of Bosco digging his past about the armored truck and found about his wife and him, he has to go back to Indonesia to prevent them revealing his identity. Inzecurity Garden Episode Cilla records Linda and sends Bosco the video. Sapura bought the photo from Ram Chiang.

Cilla said she will work hard in her acting career to fulfill her dream for Ronald. Maybe because ‘Chok Fung’ is a hot topic, so its always used. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He said the ketamine could harm him.


Sapura isecurity using a speedboat.

Savio said the same gun was used to kill Sapura and Ronald. His daughter graduated from Stanford and now doing charity work. Lately she’s been shooting new series Ferris Wheel Happiness with Jason Chan and has been ‘promoted’ to a See Jeh seniorbut Linda does not accept this title.

I find it up-in-your-face-until-I’m-sick. I thought they were using this as a Miss Koo spin-off? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When SAN saw his daughter more outgoing and taking initiative, he started changing his views. The series was originally announced to be a spin-off of the insecuirty Yes, Sir. Ram Chiang told Paul that if Sapura failed to invest money then his business will corrupt and it will give him trouble.

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Last week, the ratings averaged at 32 points and peaked at 35 points. Ronald found Sapura in the Warehouse. There are even fans who set the theme song as their ringtone.