Goomer’s mom is coming to visit but has no idea that her son is an MMA fighter. Retrieved July 30, Retrieved January 23, Sam Puckett Ariana Grande Sam and Cat babysit two girls who turn out to be con artists. Slarm, Jerry Trainor as Crazy Steve. This is a one-hour extended episode.

It provokes Lucas into calling his brother lumpatious , which Jepson says is not a real word. When the group enters an alleyway near Goomer’s apartment, three thugs try to steal his mom’s purse, prompting him to beat them up. Retrieved July 30, The girls decide to look after Dice after he complains about having to go with his mom and aunt to Puzzle-Con for the weekend. Sam arrives just in time to save Cat and Dice, but Nora challenges her to a fight, having worked out in prison for two years. They eventually discover, through a clip from a reality show and a newspaper article, the shoe Cat found belongs to Stacey Dillsen Abby Wilde , reprising her role from Zoey Sam and Cat then start ordering as much as possible, to the detriment of their babysitting service. And Cat does just that, the night before the holiday, peeking at what Sam got her and finding it insulting.

Dan Schneider creatorChristopher J. They find it in a graveyard, where Sam and Cat reclaim their pineapple and leave Ellie stranded with the caretaker.

The gang heads there first in search of answers, and finds out Cat then went to Bots with an elderly man, who took her on Sam’s motorcycle. Sam asks Nona to stay at her apartment while Cat is away and Nona proves to be a episide roommate, by making lavish dinners, doing Sam’s laundry, etc. Dice mommagooemr the help of Sam and Cat to help convince Goomer’s mom that Goomer is a high school teacher. Lee Reherman as Mark Bonner.

Sam and Cat make a commercial for their business, which features Dice’s dog “Opee”. When Cat attempts a magic trick on Sam, and fails, Sam comes to the conclusion that Cat is not as smart as she.

Retrieved October 16, Jade and Sam meet and become good friends. The duo dull ways to dispose of Poober and decide on sending it into outer space.

Sam & Cat – S1 E9 – Momma Goomer – Video Dailymotion

College Football Snares Top Spots”. Retrieved July 2, eisode This proves to be a hardship for Cat, as she faces difficulties babysitting without Sam, so Cat finds someone to take Sam’s place.


This page was last edited on 2 Februaryat Bonner sees what they are saying and feels remorse; they are then allowed to drink the soda. The gang panics, knowing the baby’s mother will soon arrive, and they go to the retailer’s factory to find the child. They visit the hospitalized Stacey, seriously injured in the bike accident the two saw in the reality show clip, and they obtain the other shoe.

Drange, a man Cat met by a graveyard, to babysit a creepy doll he calls Clarice. Due to a lapse in judgment that causes the arresting officer to fall asleep at the wheel, Sam ends up taking the law into her episod hands and catches the car thief by herself.

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Sam and Cat then ask them which of the two they like better, and it turns out to be a tie since Sophie didn’t want to choose. Sam arrives just in time to save Cat and Dice, but Nora challenges her to a fight, having worked out in prison for two years. Goomer claims he is getting picked on by a fellow MMA fighter at Punchy’s gym, but the supposed “bully” is actually a female fighter named Rita Rooney, the reigning MMA champion who is really being nice to him.

The gang meets with Zakappa to retrieve the motorcycle in exchange for his friend, but he gets tricked as Epissode and Cat decide to keep Hector.

After an exhausting babysitting session with two hot-tempered children named Phillip and Kelly Baum, Mommagoomer and Cat are offered by their family butler to escort the two to the Bahamas in first class. An aggressive trainer puts Sam through rigorous training, but Sam, known for being lazy and hating work, gets fed up and cancels the fight.

Clancy as John J. In order to trick the young Brits, they pretend to engage in a colossal fight in their apartment, and Sam uses the toilet plunger to make it look as if Cat has died. Retrieved October 1, Retrieved July 16, Jepson then goes through the humiliation of losing the bet.


Sam & Cat – S1 E9 – Momma Goomer – video dailymotion

She later suspects she may have turned him into a monkey, but Sam tries to convince Cat that Dice was not affected by the spell. This is a one-hour extended episode. However, a miscommunication involving the Baum’s personal timer devices, and a panicked airport security system shuts down the airport.

Retrieved from ” https: Then, they all agree that Del would have been way better if they had never met him. When Bonner returns, he hears an explosion and quickly figures out what’s happening. Mary Scheer has a cameo role as Marissa Benson from iCarly.

Erwin Sikowitz Sean L. Audible Download Audio Books.

Sam And Cat S01E09 Momma Goomer

Retrieved July 13, With the evidence they need, Sam and Cat show the video to the Word Keepers, who then add the word to the dictionary. Ultimately, Sylvia and Janice sign the papers, which allow Sam and Cat to keep the name of their babysitting service. And she does, so Sam asm Cat stick to the deal and take Kim to the Fresno Girl epsode store, but they get charged a steep price not only for the doll Kim wants, but also countless “accessories” for it.

After a few days, while Cat is fixing Andre’s her friend from Victorious guitar she tests it out by playing an eight second snippet, which Del DeVille loves so much he promises not to say anything about what has happened in return for Cat giving him her guitar snippet. Sam and Cat babysit two boys – one who asks a lot of questions, and another who cannot stop hugging.

Goomer then admits to his mom that he is indeed a fighter; she becomes outraged and makes him pack his things.

Retrieved January 8, Sam and Cat babysit Butler, a champion speed-texter, and discover that Sam is also a fast texter. Afterward, Ssam gets annoyed with Mr.