Your party is a subset of all of the various characters. The large list of characters from PMMM and its spinoffs would be great for this since that gives you a wide variety of character types or “classes” to pick from. Like talking to an adult. EGamerozo Neo Member Dec 4, Madoka on Confession Cam: She was your sister, right? Chapter 3 of the Magia Record manga is now out https: Just saw this earlier today, I really enjoyed it.

Seeing the characters and them actually cooperating and kinda just being what you thought the series was going to be at the beginning was nice and why so much time is spent in the dream world. We’re back in the real world and the world resets, Madoka is restored as God and Homura is about to die. I really like Elly’s BTW. Anyway, so they started unraveling things and then tried to put it back together and then decided “fuck this” and kinda left it. They defeat her and the barrier finally breaks as Homura planned. And the PMMM universe has enough characters that players would be able to pick whatever kind of party they might want. Feeling disappointed that universe is ignored and that the scale of this movie seems small side-universe thing in a barrier?

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Meduka Meguca and her cat strikes back |OT| Madoka Movie 3: Rebellion Spoilers

How the hell can you afford your own apartment when you’re only in high school? These are Blu-Ray rips, why is the animation still derp!? Although due to financial issues the series is cancelled. EGamerozo Neo Member Dec 4, Spoiler Like megca could make up for that atrocity.


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Although not an idea for a Madoka game. Yes, even if the enemies in question actually bought the X Box One. Branduil Member Oct 26, Catching it this Friday megjca work. Spoiler The Homura and Mami fight is my favorite fight scene from the movie.

FF 7 or We’ll leave it at that.

I guess because I consider the original story as its own thing and this is basically going off into a brand new direction given how Homura has totally fucked everyone over, so I’m interested in seeing what’s to come. Shes nothing but a deranged kidnapper now.

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In a similar style to FF4 or 6 each character can have a unique special skill too. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Are they retellings of the original TV series, an alternate storyline, or something megguca Spoiler Homura is now where Sayaka was originally, consumed by grief because she can’t bring herself to let go of the person she loves the most Madoka.


Homu grabs Madoka’s hand, the soul gem blackens, the planet blackens, the universe blackens.

No need to venture into this film or explicitly connect them. Apr 26, 4, 0 0. Homu asks Madoka which is more important: Or tonight for the premiere? No Homura, you are the devil.

I really like Elly’s BTW. Jun 7, 54, 0 0. Homura mainly in the first episode: Nov 27, 3, 0 0. Oh right, forgot I have tickets for this. I seem to have ignored these.

Although I originally wanted that one anyway. I suppose happy is subjective.

Sign up for free! You need to login to do this. Totally not peeved that added a bunch more showings a lot earlier in the month after the initial announcement. This is the epilogue, and when things begin to turn really really weird: The other two are also from different story for Kyoko in Vol.

We here at the Mahou Troupe strongly discourage you from actually using this method to bring an end to all your enemies, movid encourage you to seek out more constructive forms of problem solving.