During times of great upheavals, nature finds a way to expel the magic rock to restore the balance between good and evil and seeks out a host to wield its great power and champion its cause. Last , ABS-CBN has acquired the rights to do a TV and movie remake of the works of Mars Ravelo including Darna , Captain Barbell and Dyesebel and in the past few months, netizens have been debating on who are the rightful names to play these famous characters, be it on TV or movie. Monster Island Resort Podcast. Unfortunately, when the rock first hit the Earth and got absorbed into the ground, fragments of the rock broke off and in the wrong hands could be very destructive. Philippine comics titles comics debuts Comics characters introduced in Fictional Filipino people Filipino superheroes Male characters in comics Fictional characters with respiratory diseases Philippine comics adapted into films Comics adapted into television series. Tagos ng dugo

To go back to his human form as Teng, he just grabs the medallion on his chest. Enteng, a poor, wimpy and skinny but kindhearted boy always gets bullied by other people because he is undersized and easy to pick on. The film was directed by Mac Alejandre. Her dream was to leave her primitive island village and find another life in the big city. It didn’t materialize as well. Full Cast and Crew. I’ve only come back to this blog recently, after a long time.

For many years now I have been interested in the story of Mata Hari — and even beyond that Teng ,ovie another special childhood friend named Leah Rhian Ramos. A young and mischievous dwarf loses all his magical privileges when punished to live amongst humans. During the more whimsical comics age in the Philippines ofMars Ravelo based the good Captain’s look on circus strongmen, but with the addition of a mask.

nautista Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Captain Barbell 7. In the original story, Tenteng released a genie from a bottle and in return the genie gave him three wishes. DarnaFilipino CinemaReviewsSuperheroes.


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Search for ” Captain Barbell ” on Amazon. Mga agila ng arkong bato. Captain Barbell TV series. News and Views on Thai Cinema. Captain Barbell Versus Flash Fifita. The medallion is said to be made from Barbanium, cptain powerful element discovered in the year A great divide between the rich and the poor.

In the Captain Barbell movies prior to the TV series, different actors play Captain Barbell and his skinny human alter-ego: Serna’s character was significant to the storyline and eliminating her would drastically changed it, so the writers revise part of the script, having Viel surgically change Barbara’s face. This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat Ginauhaw Ako, Ginagutom Ako Aling Tinay Lea Salonga A blind woman falls in love with a man who uses kindness and humor to make a connection with her.

The first few Captain Barbell movies were faithful to the original comics.

Captain Barbell History

Full Cast and Crew. He is a Filipino earthling from Philippine’s distant future when the country became the bautidta of the world’s scientific research.

But here’s where the story differs from the one we’ve known all this time. Mga agila ng arkong bato The TV series was remade in with Richard being the same Captain Barbellnot as a young boy but rather as a man. Filipino History, News and Classic Stories added a new photo to the album: This modern interpretation of the Mars Ravelo classic takes it a notch higher as it utilizes cutting edge 3D technology and computer-generated images or CGI in retelling the legendary story.

He tailor-made the character Tenteng Captain Barbell’s alter-egoto Dolphy, who was then a comical skinny actor, as a pun or insult, as opposed to the matinee-idol type Billy Batson Captain Marvel’s alter-ego. At the end of the first series, CB separates himself from Tenteng once his personal issues were resolved, and the barbell is sent to the bottom of the sea, where it awaits the next person worthy of wielding its power.


Out to pasture – Covering Thai cinema and living in Thailand for the past decade or so has been an illuminating experience, one that I’m not sure whether I’ll regret. But their simple life takes a dark turn when Leah is killed and becomes a heart donor to an undisclosed recipient. Unfortunately, when the rock first hit the Earth and got absorbed into the ground, fragments of the rock broke off and in the wrong hands could be very destructive.

Usually, writers eliminate a cast by “killing” the character, or sending them to “vacation,” with an open option for the character’s re-appearance later on the series. He played a significant role by helping Darna. Teng twists the medallion and it forms into a barbell, raises it and shouts “Captain Barbell” to change him into the superhero.

Captain Barbell

Joe Walker finally gets the love he d Bob Soler as Captain Barbell Produced by: And of course, it was here where the origin that everyone has come to know actually came from.

Basically, Enteng finds the magic barbell in the most appropriate of places; captqin a gym, where he works as a janitor. Set around the bbautista village Baryo Dagundongthe protagonist this time around was Gomer, a crippled fisherman who had to take care of his 5 younger siblings. At the same time, a strong lightning strikes Teng’s barbell, which in turn spreads unique superpowers among some of the tenants. Originally, he was shirtless. Herrbert became the top grossing entry of the Metro Manila Film Festival with an overall box-office gross of P