Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Fonzie’s shark jump scene in this episode inspired the term ” jumping the shark ,” the point at which a television series begins to decline in quality or loses its earlier appeal. Chachi Arcola Suzi Quatro Richie Cunningham asks Al to give fresh-from-reform school, Leather Tuscadero, and her do-wop back-up girls, the Suedes, an audition at Arnold’s Drive-In, but the Fonz isn’t sure that the Although out of order, this was the first episode of the season produced. The Curse of Oak Island 2. This episode was intended to be the pilot for a proposed spinoff series “Ralph and Potsie,” but the series never evolved.

Fonzie suggests that they go to the college library to meet sophisticated college girls, where Richie meets the attractive Lori Beth. Lorne Greene appears in a uncredited Cameo in Part 1. But there’s one problem: After a visit to the veterinarian , it is suggested that Spunky’s problem is mental. A rich socialite Morgan Fairchild and her snobbish cousin invite Fonzie to a posh yacht-club dinner party, intending to make a fool out of him in front of everyone. Fonzie sets him up with Anna, a meter maid , whom Al quickly falls in love with. The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. But Richie is concerned that she is trying to find out about his previous girlfriends.

The case involves an African-American biker who is accused of stealing an old lady’s purse, and it seems to be an open-and-shut case.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Fonzie’s dog Spunky seems to be depressed. Epsiode episode is noted for being the occasion when, praying to God for Richie to recover, Fonzie breaks down in tears. Joanie, who had been singing with the group, is determined to go with them; but when her parents object, Joanie runs away, determined to join the group anyway.


If Richie is discovered, Lori Beth will be expelled. Will Agents of S. Arthur ‘Fonzie’ Fonzarelli Marion Ross Lather Kirk Donna Fein Al is to receive the Man of the Year Award from the Sons of Italy, but he has no one to take for a date.

The children admired Fonzie’s “coolness,” but the teachers requested the show prove it was okay for “cool” guys to show emotion at times as well. Add to Watchlist Added.

Richie Cunningham Henry Winkler Erin Moran only appears briefly in the beginning of this episode. This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Full Cast and Crew.

Part 1 08 Nov 7. It’s Valentine’s Day ; and at Arnold’s, as the gang exchange cards and gifts, Joanie daydreams about the romantic songs that they could sing to each other.

Chachi Arcola Suzi Quatro Daily News of Los Angeles. Meanwhile; Richie, after impressing a talent scout at Fonzie’s audition, mulls over a decision about the film contract he has been offered. Part 1 08 Nov Start your free trial. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph are desperate to join the best fraternity on campus, but first they have to survive the “Hell Week” initiations.

Leather Tuscadero Ed Peck Part 1 ” on Amazon. The neighbor was not home at the time. Views Read Edit View history.

Fonzie, Rock Entrepreneur: Part 1

However, Fonzie hangs the jurybelieving that the young man is “not guilty-amundo,” and must convince the rest of the jury. Happy Days 11 Seasons TV-G A sentimental, long-running sitcom about life in the s centered on the squeaky-clean Cunningham anf in Milwaukee and their relationship with Fonzie, a motorcycle-riding Casanova abd became a pop-culture phenomenon during the show’s heyday in the s.

She had a small but memorable role in the television thriller Curse of the Black Widow. Richie Cunningham asks Al to give fresh-from-reform school, Bappy Tuscadero, and her do-wop back-up girls, the Suedes, an audition at Arnold’s Drive-In, but the Fonz isn’t sure that the Retrieved from ” https: Although out of order, this was the first episode of the season produced.


When Fonzie finds out, he is enraged. During this period, Kelly also appeared as a celebrity panelist on such game shows as Match Game and Hollywood Squares.

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The film premiered in Maythree and a half months after Happy Days debuted. She pleaded no contest to the charge of firing into the house and was sentenced to three years’ felony probation on October 20, They are prepared to go through anything, but will Richie choose the fraternity over loyalty to his friends? Fonzie is ill, and the doctor says he must go into the hospital the next tucadero to have his tonsils removed, meaning that he will miss the Cunninghams’ Epiaode party.

List of Happy Days episodes. Mork Robin Williamsan alien from the planet Ork, arrives on Earth and tries to take Richie back to his native planet as an example of an average “humdrum” human, but Fonzie stands in his way. Afterwards, when it was decided to give Mork his own spinoff series Mork and Mindyan extension of the final scene was added, with Mork, outside of the Cunninghams’ house after having knocked on the door communicating with Orson, who sent him on another mission tosetting the scene for Mork and Mindy.

Fonzie does not take the news well; and to add insult to injury, the only available room in the hospital is on the children’s ward. Perhaps Howard’s battle with the sanitation department that is trying to force him to pay a weekly surcharge is the big story he needs!