Beirut is home to more than 10 recognized religious sects. Due to Lebanon’s diverse religions and sects, many public holidays are celebrated, some of which more than once: Traffic is heavy, and impossible during rush hour. Not so much in Downtown, but especially the farther you get from Downtown the more road works you will most probably find. The potential for violence between Hizballah and other extremist groups throughout the country remains a strong possibility. The best places to buy traditional such as syrups, pickles, za’atar, olive oil or non-food items such as soap are.

Generally taxis are plentiful in Beirut and you can find them anywhere. Category City Complex Tripoli Upgrade. Has custom banner Huge city articles Articles with warnings Lebanon All destination articles Pages linked to a data item for a disambiguation Usable articles. Minuscule – Mandibles from Far Away 92 min Plot When the first snow falls in the valley, it is urgent to prepare its reserves for the winter. Be aware of pickpockets and scams involving overpricing. Mar Mikhael – Mar Mikhael is the place to be for bar and cocktail lovers as of and is located in the north-east of Beirut. Every month a small group takes part in the worldwide Critical Mass rides. Overstaying your time may get you a ticket.

If a Hezbollah official approaches you, seeing your camera, he can’t know if you’ve been taking pictures before that. Its core is Sassine Square, the highest point in Beirut. Overstaying your time may get you a ticket. Olive oil, herbs, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables are commonly used, as well as dairy products, cereals, fishes and various types of meat.

In our continuous efforts to improve the Internet access services and to protect our users from abusive usage gide the network, Guidf will be changing its Unlimited Night Read More. If you have pre booked Allo taxi, Go out of airport Gate 3 after you have arrived at the arrival hall cross the road towards the parking then head to the middle service room. Unlimited Night – Paid Service May Enforcement of the parking limit isn’t done very efficiently, but obviously the last thing anyone would want to find is a ticket that will ruin their day and set them back financially.


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There are no bus stops but the buses will stop anywhere where people flag them down or give them signs with their eyes. Frankie demands a rematch; which Zac accepts on condition that Frankie build an entirely new race track.

There are currently two public transport companies. People usually pay when they get off. Photography of military personnel and installations is prohibited. The US government’s warning to travelers visiting Lebanon was lifted in but was later renewed, in part because of the risk of spillover from the Syrian civil war.

Beirut has survived a rough history, falling under the occupation of one empire after another. Hamra became the center during the troubles in the 70’s. There is also a microbrewery that started producing several styles of more flavorful beer incalled ” Beer” [73]. Tell the driver where you are going before entering and they will say yes or no. Tickets must be purchased through the parking meters usually located at either end of a street. Service [ser-vee-s] are shared-taxis, the same taxis as above but shared between four or more people.

Lebanese people have adapted to all those situations. Despite the diverse climate that changes noticeably per season, the weather is very predictable; the weather forecast, on radio and TV stations are normally movi accurate, so you normally shouldn’t find yourself caught in a sudden downpour in the winter months.

At night you may be able to catch a service taxi see below if you walk along the only road leading away from the airport for about 10 minutes, just after passing a highway flyover. The complete listings are found on each individual district page. They offer weekly tours around the city. Radio in Beirut is quite popular, particularly with the younger people who listen to the Gulde stations as all events and concerts are advertised through those.


Payphones can be found on all main streets all around the city, however, they can only take smart cards called Telecarte which provide a specific amount of prepaid calling time and can be used from any payphone. There is a huge variety of Arabic newspapers of gudie sorts, as well leanon ethnic newspapers such as the Armenian Aztag Daily.

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Both currencies are accepted. Otherwise you can stop at the nearest hotel or shop and ask. Always get a price before leaving otherwise the driver will most definitely rip you off.

That said, if you find yourself lost in the streets, simply ask any passer-by for directions; no one will refuse to help! It might take a long time getting out of it, but it’s highly unlikely that things should escalate or turn ugly. Traffic is heavy, and impossible during rush hour. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. This city travel guide to Beirut is a usable article. The locals are used to the sight of foreigners and would be happy to show you around the city, if you ask them.

The city is working hard to regain its status as a tourist, cultural and intellectual center in the Middle East which it has lost to Cairo as well as a center for commerce, fashion and media which is dominated by Dubai and other rich Gulf states. The locals like to see that foreigners are doing what they can to fit in.